Additional Health and Safety Services and Risk Assessments

The Start Up Package consists of a Health and Safety Audit designed primarily for small businesses and is priced on that basis.

For most small businesses it will be sufficient but if your business involves any hazards or practices that require detailed specific assessments or the creation of a method statement setting out safe methods of work those costs are not included. This usually happens if your business involves risks that cannot be reduced to a level which makes them insignificant and which therefore must be managed in order to keep your employees as safe as reasonably practicable.

As a consequence, the Start Up Package does not include an assessment of any hazardous processes or procedures such as fork lift truck operations, industrial operations, the use or storage of hazardous or flammable substances and the like or any of the hazards in the table.

We will be happy to help you assess these risks on a case by case basis and will always provide a free quote in advance.

This is not an exhaustive list and we reserve the right to exclude any hazard which we consider to be of a similar nature from our Initial Risk Assessment but if any of these specific hazards apply to your business, or you are concerned that other industry-specific hazards might, then we will provide a separate quote, following a more detailed conversation with you so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Because all businesses are different, no contract will have been created between us until we have had the opportunity to discuss your business with you and you have accepted the formal quote that we will then send to you so do not allow any worries about the above stop you from making an enquiry.

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Not included in the start up package:

Please ask for a free quote for any of the following:


Biocides or Pesticides

Compressed Air

Confined Spaces


Explosive Materials

Food Preparation


Gases Under Pressure

Hand Tools

Hazardous Substances

Hot Pipe Work

Hot Water Under Pressure

Hydraulic Oil Under Pressure

Ionising Radiation



Local Exhaust Ventilation


Mechanical Lifting Operations

Metal Working

Non Ionising Radiation


Rotating Machinery

Temperatures or Noise

Poor Ventilation


Workplace Vehicles


Workshop Machinery


We also provide assistance with:
Safe Systems of Work
Method Statements
Electrical Works
COSHH Risk Assessments
DSE (Display Screen Equipment)

And help to the following:
Self Employed Construction Workers
Electricians, Painters & Decorators
Small Traders & Retailers
The Tourist Industry
Office-Based Businesses