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Safety of Premises - Changes in Levels  

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1999
require employers to provide a safe place of work.

HSWA 1974 - Section 4
People in control of non-domestic premises have a duty
towards people who are not their employees but who use their premises.

Stairs and Steps – General Safety Guidance

Stairs and steps present a hazard to all age groups.  They must be in a safe condition, kept free of obstructions and must be well lit.

A secure and substantial handrail should be provided and maintained where there are more than two steps.

Every open side of a staircase or set of steps should be securely fenced.  As a minimum, the fencing should consist of an upper rail at 900mm or higher and a lower rail.

If children are likely to around consider vertical bars to prevent them slipping beneath the upper rail.

Changes in Ground Levels

Barriers should be provided across all significant changes in level where a personal injury might result from a fall, especially where young children may be present.

Whether there are barriers or not, consideration should be given to highlighting all changes in level so that they are easily visible.

Consider whether white paint or black and yellow hazard chevrons might be appropriate.

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